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Climate change is one of the few problems facing society today that has the potential to reshape life on earth. Greenhouse gases, primarily increasing due to human causes, are raising earth's temperatures. Temperature increases will have lasting, potentially devastating impacts on the ecological and economic systems that will affect human life and society for generations to come.

The Foundation's current funding supports the goal of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, specifically by encouraging action on this issue in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to advance policy solutions such as a carbon tax or a national cap on carbon coupled with market-based tools that will yield economically efficient carbon reductions. For more than a decade, the Robertson Foundation's lead partner on climate policy has been the Environmental Defense Fund.

In addition, the Robertson Foundation seeks to generate increased individual and collective action through grants that build public awareness of the causes and hazards of climate change. The Foundation also supports litigation efforts to close coal plants and force coal mining to bear the full cost of its social and environmental externalities.